(Manufacturing Execution System / Point Of Production)

System Overview

The smart factory integrates all production processes such as product planning / Design, Production, Distribution / Dales with ICT technology, and produces custom products for customers with minimum cost and time. In addition, all the elements in the factory are organically connected, and the factory is capable of optimized production operation through various information services. GMIN MES / POP is a system that collects and analyzes valuable real-time information in real time so that production is performed according to a plan in a manufacturing execution system, and helps workers and managers make quick decisions.

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Fast Decision Marking

System Configuration [14 Modules / 64 Functions]
기준정보관리 시스템 관리 영업 관리 품목 관리 수불 관리 재고 관리 생산 관리
  • 조직등록
  • 구성원등록
  • 거래처등록
  • 공통코드관리
  • 근무월력등록
  • 마감관리
  • 공지사항
  • 사용자등록
  • 모듈등록
  • 화면등록
  • 메뉴등록
  • 메뉴권한등록
  • 거래처별담당자
  • 거래처별단가
  • 영업계획
  • 영업계획현황
  • 수주등록
  • 수주현황조회
  • 생산/출하계획
  • 출고방법지정
  • 영업현황집계표
  • 제품등록
  • BOM등록
  • BOM조회
  • 도면관리
  • 발주서관리
  • 발주서조회
  • 발주서상세조회
  • 출고지시서등록
  • 출고지시서조회
  • 수불전표등록
  • 수불전표조회
  • 창고이동
  • 재고목록조회
  • 재고실사등록
  • 기간재고조회
  • 품목현황집계표
  • 공정라우팅등록
  • 작업지시등록
  • 작업지시현황조회
  • 생산실적등록
  • 생산실적현황조회
  • 작업이미지등록
  • 가동비가동등록
  • 생산현황집계표
  • 가동률조회
금형 관리 현황 모니터링 설비 모니터링 Mobile POP 품질 문서 품질 관리 전자 시스템
  • 금형관리
  • 금형조회
  • 공지사항
  • 주간납품현황
  • 생산/불량현황
  • 설비현황
  • 가동률집계표
  • 실적등록
  • 공정검사
  • 구매입고
  • 납품출고
  • 재고조회
  • 품질문서등록
  • 품질문서조회
  • 불량등록
  • 불량현황
  • 검사현황
  • E메일발주서

Introduction Effect

The construction of a process management system automatically and immediately reflects all conditions at the production site, thereby improving productivity and quality, and improving management levels from a management perspective. Decisions can be made.

Operational effect Managerial effect
  • Lead time reduction
  • Real-Time Processing Improvements
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Reduced total production time
  • Reduced work input time
  • Reduced inventory
  • Standardization of work
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Decision Support
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Improved product awareness and reliability
  • Improve customer service
  • Improved ROI from IT Automation
  • Asset growth
  • Decision Support
  • Reduced inventory burden
  • Operation cost and cost reduction
  • Reduced financial spending
  • In line with instructions

Manufacturing Process Innovation KNow-How Transfer Solution (NTS)
솔루션 소개 이미지
Competitiveness Efficient production process
솔루션 소개 이미지
NTS (Know-How Transfer Solution) Process improvement know-how transfer solution NTS!

11 Kinds NTS Main Function
1Project management It registers the production process and the work to be analyzed by project and creates and provides the work and files corresponding to the project.
2Project Analysis Registration Click the project, register the work, and provide the function to save the work and video files corresponding to the project.
3Work analysis It provides the function to measure the time by giving the stop position to the image file for each period such as preparation operation, basic operation, finishing operation, exception operation, and waste operation of the task.
4Process improvement After analyzing the selected work, it provides the function to register and improve to make the improvement of the analyzed work.
5Comparative Analysis/Registration In order to observe the difference by worker's characteristics or machine's characteristics, it provides the function to register and save the image file of the analysis of the work.
6Comparative Analysis/Analysis It provides the function to observe the difference by the same characteristics by worker or by machine.
7Human+Machine Federation Provides the ability to register and analyze the association work between people and facilities.
8Multiple Analysis It provides the function of registering and analyzing to combine and analyze the work actions of the line.
9Line Balancing It provides the function of registration and analysis in order to analyze the combination of several work movements of the production line.
10Graph Provides working graph of analysis, comparative graph of comparative analysis, project graph, etc.
11Report Provides the ability to convert each analyzed data into an Excel report.

NTS Process
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STEP 01Recognition of Need for Process Improvement
  • Recognition of Need for Process Improvement
  • Recognizing Problems in the Process
  • Fair improvement theme selection
  • Movie shooting
솔루션 소개 이미지
STEP 02Process Analysis
  • Create 7 Waste Time Tables by Action
  • Union Work Analysis
솔루션 소개 이미지
STEP 03Improvement
  • Determination of Waste Elimination
  • Improvement Modeling
  • Design reviews
솔루션 소개 이미지
STEP 04Improvement Plan
  • Before / After line balance analysis
  • Process design
  • Layout design
솔루션 소개 이미지
STEP 05Training and application
  • Create work guide
  • Process layout
  • share
솔루션 소개 이미지
STEP 06Improvement and finishing
  • Waste removal
  • Increased productivity

MERIT1Optimal Standard Work Operation for optimal standard work
MERIT2Work Order Process Improvement Effective process improvement with standardized work order
MERIT3Standard video Create a standard video to watch and learn
MERIT4System and Standardization Standardization of systems and workers by job analysis
MERIT5Production site improvement Eliminate and improve waste at production sites
MERIT6Productivity Improvement Increase manufacturing productivity with analysis data
MERIT7Cost Savings Cost reduction through manpower control
MERIT8Reduce delivery date Shorter delivery due to detailed analysis

Remote AR

AR remote support solution linking office and industrial sites Complex and diversified industrial issues!
Distance, time and cost constraints to respond in the traditional way, such as by telephone, mail or dispatch.Communication via AR Remote Support!
Remote experts and field workers share situations and knowledge to solve problems quickly and accurately.

Before After
  • 1Poor work efficiency due to immature work and lack of supervision
  • 2Increased loss costs due to process errors and delayed response
  • 3Risk of industrial safety due to lack of danger site guide and training
  • 1Quickly recognize problems and respond to situations with screen sharing from the user's perspective
  • 2Real-time video recording and documenting for easy reporting of field actions
  • 3Free and accurate instructions and guides for text and image transfer points, drawings, etc.
솔루션 소개 이미지
Accurate and intuitive information sharing Administrators and operators can share the information they need with text and images, or draw and point on the user's screen for detailed instructions.
솔루션 소개 이미지
Improve work efficiency through real-time sharing Users can be remotely connected in a one-to-one / many-to-many structure to negotiate business with multiple stakeholders. Screen sharing and monitoring of the user's view enhances the supervision of managers and responds quickly to work errors.
솔루션 소개 이미지
Strong security can be built inside the network It can be deployed in a corporate internal network and used in a security-critical environment.If necessary, any data can be shared and communicated through a network connection.

Make AR
Industrial AR content unfolds in front of you!

Innovate yourself with Make! Create AR content with information you need to see in the industry. Without time and space constraints and information security concerns, industrial sites will be filled with the information they need.

Existing Industry Site AR application at
industrial sites
In-house production of
industrial AR content
Conventional manuals are less efficient and
difficult to update information.
  • 1Time spent looking for information and manuals you want
  • 2Difficult to understand due to text-oriented composition
  • 3Troublesome redistribution when adding or modifying contents
You can quickly and easily see
information in the field in a different way.
  • 1Provide quick information through image recognition
  • 2Easy understanding through intuitive AR content
  • 3Easy to add, change and distribute contents
Producing your own AR content saves
production costs and reduces production time, Easy to maintain
  • 1No cost for content creation and change
  • 2Made in-house and immediately applicable to the site
  • 3Content update that reflects the voice of the field immediately


Work in the field is easier. Operational information such as IoT sensor data and SCADA data can be visualized and checked in AR directly on the facility.

  • Recognizing the markers of industrial sites through smartphones, tablet PCs, and smart glasses, facility information and related operational information are augmented and spread in front of the operator's eyes.
  • By checking various important data in real time in the field, we can intuitively identify problems and make correct decisions.

Smart Factory
Energy Industry
Air Railway
Heavy Industry
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