• 03연혁 소개 이미지Registration of a license
    'SmartFactory of Augmented reality Remote collaboration
    CMS system and Driving method'
  • 02연혁 소개 이미지 연혁 소개 이미지Registration of a license
    'SmartFactory Remote collaboration CMS system and Driving method'
    Excellent technology company Certification
    'Smarfactory Platform Consulting and Technique of SW Solution building'
  • 01연혁 소개 이미지InCheon Information Industrial High School Convention
    on Industrial-Academic Cooperation


  • 12연혁 소개 이미지연혁 소개 이미지Copyright Registration of Production Management System
    Copyright registration of know-how transfer system
  • 12연혁 소개 이미지VR-based smart factory know-how transfer system
    copyright registration
  • 11연혁 소개 이미지연혁 소개 이미지Registered as a family company at Incheon University
    ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certification
  • 10연혁 소개 이미지Awarded Excellent Entrepreneurship Award (No.2019-87)
  • 09Selected as a start-up package business in 2019
    Selected for the construction of Incheon AR·VR
    production base center in 2019
    Selected as ALL-SET enterprise support project in 2019
  • 07연혁 소개 이미지연혁 소개 이미지 Registered as a family company of Hanyang University
    Performance Sharing Company Certification
    Registered Software Business
    Joined Korea industrial complex corporation
    Information convergence Parts Mini Cluster
    Registered as a smart factory supplier for smart
    manufacturing innovation promotion team
  • 06Sign up for tomorrow
    Selected as a customized technology partner support
    project in 2019
  • 05연혁 소개 이미지Established R&D Center
    Signed MOU with Venture Times
  • 04연혁 소개 이미지Venture Business Certification
    Small Business Support Business Consulting POOL
    Company Registration
    Participating companies in the Department of Small and
    Medium Business Contract
    (Master's and Doctoral Program)
  • 03연혁 소개 이미지Established Global Manufacturing Innovation Network

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