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It will be the standard for innovation in the Korean manufacturing industry.
The best partner for Manufacturing Innovation
Global Manufacturing Innovation Network.

Global Manufacturing Mnnovation Metwork, based on understanding of various industries and expertise in ICT field, innovation of manufacturing process, Smart Factory, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) Applying new technologies such as artificial intelligence, providing services from consulting to system construction and operation to domestic and overseas customers, continuous ICT development and stable operation capability for technological innovation in the manufacturing industry, and We rely on our talented people to help our customers get the best value and results everywhere. The Global Manufacturing Technology Innovation Network has been a customer value provider that provides new value to customers since its establishment, and is a leading company in the smart factory platform through manufacturing process innovation. To secure a new growth power optimized in the fourth industry era based on process optimization technology and ICT information technology know-how human resources through manufacturing process innovation solutions, and grow into a company that rises in the domestic market as well as the global market I promise you and thank you for your generous support.

All Employees.

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